Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Safety & occupational health is given priority at Spectrum Ethers Pvt Ltd. Well equiped OHC is provided within factory premises and medical officer addresses any sort of health related issues.
Spectrum Ethers Pvt Ltd has neverthless ,keeping this objective in mind taking all the measures wrt occupational health, right from design stage of its multipurpose technical mfg.plants and reviewed & implemented the recommendations. The concept of Safety & Health is not only limited to product manufacture, but also addressing safeguards & creating awareness of the consequnecies posed to their application in fields,thru leaflet of information given along with packing the products for sale.
The design & erection of the plant & its ancillaries are planned, taking national & international standards in to consideration, safe distances are maintained between plants, roads are broadly laid out, giving adequate clearance for emergency vehicles, petroleum storage installations are separated from plant areas & located at safe distances and are duly licensed by Govt of India.
The building & layouts are duly approved by the Director of Factories, Maharashtra State. In the plants, enough aisle spaces, exist stair cases are provided and adequate ventilation exists – thus nulifying concentration of any flammable/toxic gases & there by from after effects.The equipments are properly spaced and earthing is provided to all the equipments to avoid static charges and coninuity is checked periodically & records are maintained. All the electrical equipments in the technical plants , bulk chemical storage area,Storage godowns are flame proof type. No furnace is provided within radial distance of 25 mts of the flame proof areas.Necessary fire extinguishers and fire hydrant system provided with dedicated water tank (3 lack liters reserved excusively for fire fighting) and with backup power arrangement thru D.G set for fire hydrant pump.
Critical plant operations are backed by programmable logic controller which directs correcetive action, in case of failure of a particular process parameter,thus avoiding unsafe situations,various alarm systems & gas detection systems are installed to warn & prevent hazardous situations. Adequate respiratory and non respiratory safety appliancess like cartridge mask,canister mask are kept in the plants, for handling various chemicals in day to day manufacturing operations. The field employees are provided with safety shoes,helmets & uniforms yearly,apart from disposable wears like aprons,gloves,goggles,gumboots etc., respiratory air line masks are installed at various critical areas like ethyl mercaptan & phosphorous pentasulphide handling rooms, to give complete respiratory protection during operations,self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is available for respiratory protection, during handling of emergency. All manufacturing areas are prohibitted from smoking,tobacco chewing. Safety staning meeting are weekly conducted to create safety awareness among the workers.Interdepartmental safety meeting are also conducted & various aspects of safety are discussed, SOP are provided for smooth functioning of plant operations w/o any devaitions. Safety committee formulated and the members meet once in a month to discuss various safety related matters and improvised safey perfromance in the plants.
Action plan is worked out which includes review of points of previous meetings, pending matters and any new points wrt improving safety aspects.Monthly inspection of plants is also carried out by safety officer, along with maintenance incharge & the safety committee members.
Material safety data sheet (MSDS) for chemicals being handled are available in plant office & in laboratory,translation of MSDS in local language are also made available, for easy understanding by workers.
On site emergency handling procedure is in function to tackle emergencies in scientific & safe manner.Training of firefighting is given to security & plant personnel.Mock drills are regularly conducted as a part of improving safety awareness programme.
Adequate measures are taken to ensure working environment is congenial to health.Adequate capacity scrubbing & pollution controll equipments are proivded & kept in running, to minimise gaseous emissions & create healthy working environment.Online monitoring of stacks is done and upaloded to MCPB/CPCB servers & periodical ambient air monitoring is carried out thru MPCB approved agencies & it is ensured that parameters are well within permissible limits of the consent to operate.
As a part of medica surveillance programme. Following measures are being taken.Medical examination is done before recruitment ,Annual medical examination which includes general examination ,chest X-ray,blood & urine tests is done for all the employees,Blood cholinesterase test is done every month.
Regualr visits of Company’s medical officer are arranged, for general medical checkup of employees.
All employees are trained for the use of personnel protective equipment & awareness is imparted importance.importance is also given for personnel hygiene.Employees are forbidden to take snacks & eatables inside the plant areas,they are given neutritious breakfast which includes eggs,milk,cheese & bananas, before entering their work activity area.
All employees have to take hot water bathing, before leaving the plant premises,after completion of duty hrs.Uniforms are provided to all empoyees, with laundry facility.
Medical examination prior to recruitment ,Annual medical examination which includes general examination , chest X-ray,blood & urine tests is done for all the employees. Blood serum cholinesterase test is done every month. Records are maintained and submitted to DISH authrities,as per Factories Act.
Regualr visits of Company’s medical officer are arranged, for general medical checkup of employees.

We are having valid ISO 9001,ISO14001 & OHSAS 18001 certification and adopting IMS (Integrated Management System) system. Spectrum Ethers Pvt Ltd ,Rasegaon is committed to manufacture and supply of Quality agrochemicals that ensure total customer satisfaction. We are committed to lead our business in such a way that we shall- & where practicable exceed applicable legal & other requirements
2. continually improve our quality,occupational health,safety & environmental process & performance.

Tree plantations are carried out in every year in SEL factory premises.More than 40,000 plantation is done and plantation census records are submitted to MPCB/MPOEF. Vermin culture is developed in house by taking expertise advice & that compost manure is used for plantation & company’s nursey. On line monitoring system is provided.

Action Plan– The site main controller will assess the situation and if the emergency is likely to spread outside the installation or affect the neighbouring installations and people outside the factory premises, it will be declared ‘off-site emergency’. He will co-ordinate with the incident controller and get in touch with all essential local authorities and Mutual Aid Risk Group (MARG)members, for controlling the disaster. The local authorities will work under the direct summons of 1)Local police, 2)Fire brigade, 3)Hospital, 4)Ambulance, 5) Blood bank, 6)Home guard, 7)Voluntary.
1)    To provide emergency control center with necessary communication facilities.
2)    To co-ordinate with ‘Fire Authorities’, for controlling the emergency and rescue operation.
3)    To arrange Medical help to the causalities and ambulance services.
4)    To arrange rehabilitation of person evacuated & arrange food, medicine, shelter etc.
5)    After the incidence comes under control,the site main controller should assess the situation and call off the Emergency.

Obejective To controlling ‘On Site’ Emergency & Minimising the Hazards
We conduct Mock drills in every two months,internally ,as part of gear up excercise & upgrading our capabilities. .
AS per ‘Factory Act 1948’, in presence of DISH Authorities & representatives of near by Industries & MARG members,Mock drills carried twice in a year.
The role of every person is clearly defined to avoid confusion & address the emergency effectively, as per the emergency response plan.
For effective working on ‘On site Emergency plan’,the following teams are arranged with defined responsibiities, in each shift.
1) Combating team.
2)Rescue team.
3)Auxillary team.
4)Communication team.

Mutual Aid Response groups’ are formed under the guidelines of Joint Director,Industrial Safety & Health Department, Nasik. MARG of Nasik prepared “Green Book”,which contains Vital information related to hazardous chemicals used in industries at Nashik district & Resources available within the industries for mitigation and For mutual support.
Spectrum Ethers represents as MARG co-chairman of Dindori Industrial Area. Following Emergency gear up is available with us.Foam monitors, SCBA,Chemical suits,Canisters type gas mask and different types of Fire Extinguishers and other related support.

Following training carried as per schedule.
1. On the job training
2.Induction training
3.Class room training
4.MSDS awareness program.
5.Traning on ‘Best practicess of safety’ .
6.Awareness Traning on ‘Behaviour Safety’.
7.First Aid Training.
8.Mock Drills as aprt of gear up for addressing Emergecy.
9.Debate on Safety Related Topics

Established,Documented Safety systems & Procedures are being implimented ,records are maintained & continual improvement of an OHS management is followed,to achieve the safety standards.
Material safety data sheet (MSDS) for all the chemicals being handled are made available in plant office , in laboratory and other critical locations.Also MSDS translated in local language are also made available, for easy understanding by employees.
On site emergency handling procedure are defined with functional responsibilty to tackle emergencies in scentific & safe manner.Periodical refresheing training on firefighting is given to security & plant personnel.Mock drills are regularly conducted as a part of gear up for addressing Emergency situations and to cerate awareness among employees.

SEL have been following the environment norms as per Environmental protection act,Environmental Clearence by MOEF and conditions given by ‘Consent to Operate’ by MPCB.
Latest MOEF -EC Monitoring report & Compliance reports are uploaded.
On line process stack monitors & Final out let of treated efflunts are installed and DATA uploade to CPCB/MPCB servers.
Continual improvement wrt the environmental aspects has been followed and.
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SEL has been carrying various CSR activities regularly for the near by villagers.

1.      SEL takes active initiative in the wellbeing of local community.
2.      SEL undertakes social interactions to enhance the welfare of the community, where it operates its activities.
3.      SEL carries health check up & Eye camps on regular basis for the nearby villagers.
4.      SEL voluntarily participates in the local community activities and provide support for community development such as thru supporting the schools, Religious /Cultural activities, Supply of drinking water as and when required etc.,
5.      SEL conducts Veterinary camps/Vaccination camps for preventing/addressing Epidemic disease for the animals in the nearby villages.
6.      SEL responds to the directions by State Police/Factories Inspectors/Pollution Control Board/Dist. Admn for addressing & Deputing its trained teams for meeting any sort of Off-Site Emergencies, in the nearby areas or as applicable. SEL extends t fullest support.